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Critics Corner

Bridgeport Flyer Diner  - Critics Corner. This has to be my favorite diner of all time! I have been a customer there for over five years and i bring my friends and family all the time. Great dinner specials and great prices. Great great great. Best family diner in Connecticut.

. Great diner! Portions are very generous, waiters are very friendly, caring and helpful. Every day the diner serves a very moderately priced special for $6.99. The people at the diner are so friendly! Try it. You will love it.

-from google.com/maps

. Every time I come back home from college to see my friends and family, I go to the Bridgeport Flyer Diner, even though it's 20 minutes out of my way - it's just that much worth it.

The atmosphere is fantastic and the employees are always great people to talk to. And hey, you can never, ever go wrong with diner food, right?

If you're thinking breakfast, I recommend the Waffle Supreme (I have a very close friend who only ever orders this); for lunch go for the Flyer Delight sandwich; and for dinner there's always the standard meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

A++ place - a must-visit; you're sure to fall in love like the rest of us have.

. The flyer is a very special place for the people of Milford. It's that one rock solid joint that will always be there no matter what. Essentially, it is the quintessential starting and ending point of our lives. Let me explain.

The flyer is where your parents or grandparents took you as a tot to grab sunday breakfast just after mass.
The flyer is where you went to escape your parents, fill up on incredibly cheap food and chill with friends.
The flyer is where you went to sober up on french fries and Green Goddess after the clubs let out and where you chose to drunk dial that former certain someone....regrettably
The flyer will no doubt be the first diner your little ones ever savor scrambled eggs and french toast at.
The flyer is where you will take your grandchildren for breakfast just after sunday mass.
The flyer will be the only place you will be able to afford once social security runs out and your healthcare provider declines you for a liver transplant.
The flyer will be the diner of choice for your children to gather after your funeral.

I highly recommend it.

-from yelp.com
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